Monday, March 11, 2019

Finding things to do

Cleaning up a bit i found
This beauty
I had seen it on the net
She had an old magazine
With  this pattern and she made
A Christmas quilt in reds
And greens
And will try and draw it
Up later in the year

Then found this bag
Of 80 20 batting
Hmmm perfect for the purses

Queen size.

I paid 9 dollars 
Again yay

Perfect time to use it up

So i cut assembly style 
And pinned the bags
In prep for assembly line 
Just gotta get some fat quarter
Sizes for the linings
Then quilt these up

By sewing the rows together
And flipping them
Getting excited......
When i finish these bags
I am thinking they
Will be Christmas gifts
For my 5 nieces
Stuffed with fun

I like it when a plan
Comes together
Dont you?

4 comments: said...

Awesome job. Wow that block is gorgeous. I wonder how big it is? Ever have a time when things just kind of click? Yep suddenly quilt math is almost easy for me.

maggie fellow said...

I found a place with the template but it is smaller than mine. for the snowflake block. I could mail copies of my size if you like.

barbara woods said...

that is a beautiful block. Lots of good sewing therapy.

Jeanna said...

You are doing very well on your Christmas box already.