Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Here chickie

Jacky taunted me with a new project
She had these cutie pies sewn in the 12 inch size

Mine are 6 inch and I think destined for a cute mugrug

They were a little fiddly to do
But oh so cute.
Here chickie chick.......
I need to iron and add some borders 
Gotta plan my next gifts to work on in April


Julierose said...

Just adorable "chick-i-lets" just in time for easter--nice work on these hugs, Julierose (I'm back, baby!!;))) ) said...

Sure blame sweet, loving, adorable Jacky for your squirrel hunt. Very cute chickies though. I have some brand new real ones.

barbara woods said...

love that pattern for Chicks