Sunday, March 17, 2019

I love my friends

Remember that box from Jacky?
You know .... the one with hst
And tons of 5 inch charms?
Well i seperated them into groups
And cut a few to make more bags
Here is one........

And another..

And a third one...

And more groups to play later
Hee hee
These are addictive
I can almost make them in my sleep

This little distraction of 2.5 squares
Will make a cute zippy bag

Love to have them on hand

These bobbins were all full last weekend
I guess i have been busy

This is the next bag
Ready to quilt onto the lining

Its top is done and waiting
Strap will be made too

Pulled some light 2.5 squares to get
My blue star further along

Need lots of these too
I should make tons of the hst
So i can be ready

And a dishcloth is almost done
It is purple
And not this color

It was started while waiting for my car
At the garage 

Every minute counts
And is so rewarding to make something

What are you making today?

Any good gift ideas for my 12 days of Christmas?

Where I live is 55 and over and lots are alone for Christmas
I want to wrap a homemade gift and draw a street address from Dec 1 to 12 and bring them the gift. I also want to do a cat gift and dog gift and have them put their names in a box if they want to win.
Was thinking a scrappy quilted dog leash with dog treats. And cat treats and maybe knitted cat toys. Then only the ones that can use it will get those.

So far i have....
Christmas pillow
Set of pillowcases
Red table topper
Knitted scarf

Maybe finish up a small quilt for lap.have tops done just need quilted
That makes 5

Thinking a remote control pocket for the arm of chair

Maybe one of those purses

So need about 5 more ideas. If you were entered in a free drawing for a handmade gift at Christmas  what would YOU like to receive?
Inquiring minds want to know...


barbara woods said...

sounds good to me! said...

Microwave bowl warmers. Always need hot pads, oven mitts, kitchen towels.