Monday, March 4, 2019

Monday Monday......

Friday I had to spend 
half a day training on 
a new computer system for my AP

Today I will train with the software company for the second 
system we have for the AR billing 

My whole job is changing
All while I have eye issues. Jury duty and am 2 weeks behind.....grrrr
Can you feel the stress?
New Pricing will also 
need to be input for the 
billing for Apr 15 jobs

Yeah........I need that marijuana law
 to help me out  lol 
(never touched the stuff 
but they say it relaxes you)

Anywho. Sewing helps me 
blow off steam 
No brain strings were in order
I had cut my batting scraps into 5 inch squares. 
Why 5 inch you ask?
Because charms are 5 inches lol
When i want to work on them I grab a charm
And a batting square
And start stringing.

Making it quilted
Then i staystitch from the back
Trim excess strings and toss in the tin

I pulled the tin....hmmm i have a few
What can I make?
A quilted bag to carry groceries. 
12 seemed to be a good size so here is
One side that needs more squares 

And here is the other
I just gotta decide whether to line 
Or bind the top ( since it already is lined and quilted ) 
and make the straps

Nice way to use up scraps for a good little finish ya think?

Looks like I better get busy if I am 
Honna get to work on time



Jeanna said...

You have a lot on your plate right now and then SNOW? If anyone can do it, it is you. Hope all goes well.

barbara woods said...

that snow looks deep! Hugs sweetie

Rosemary Dickinson said...

You're so good about working on projects. It was a challenge getting to work this morning but much easier to get home. I hope driving wasn't too awful for you. I think you got more snow than we did. said...

Oh my sweet friend. I am sorry life is so hectic for you right now. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.