Saturday, March 2, 2019

No sleeping around here

This has become my new bed area
Since my eye surgery 
I can sleep because my couch reclines
And I wont sleep on that side
Which is the way I normally do 

When I go to make up my bed
I see a little ear

I guess somebody else likes my bed
Too lol

While my helper was um sleeping.....
I grabbed this
Some of that rubbery shelf liner
From the dollar store 

I saw an idea on pinterest

Cut 2 pieces fabric 7 inches square
And one 7 inch square out of the liner

It makes a jar gripper!

Place one fabric square with right side up
Then put the shelf liner
Then the top fabric right side down.

Stitch leaving space to turn
Turn inside out.
The shelf liner should be on the outside for the back
Then top stitch close to the edge to close it up.


They also put a magnet 
Inside before you do the closing stitching
So you can attach it to the fridge
For easy access

I am thinking I have
Lots of St Pats day fabric
And these would be a cute
Giveaway for our mailroom.

My shelf liner is 12 inches x 60 inches
If I cut the squares at 7 inches
I would get 8 out of one roll

If i cut them at 6 inches
I would get 2 rows of 10 or 20 of them

I have two rolls.....
I think thats a plan

Not bad for a dollar or two in cost


barbara woods said...

the way you make a thing to put under your sewing petal to keep it from slidding but mine gets so many strings on it it slids

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Thanks for the great idea! Hope you're doing okay!

Jeanna said...

That is a great idea. I like your measurements better. said...

Great idea. You can also use it to make a non skid mat for your sewing machine pedal.