Thursday, March 7, 2019

Oh boy

Remember these beauties?
Well a little sewing here and there of some 2.5 squares

And voila
Almost one side done
I made 8.5 inch square once put on point

And i cut 2.5 strips for the borders

And the second side block.
Because they were cut

i sewed the second block up
Next session will iron and trim
And add sides to make a bag

I am winging it so far 
Thinking i will quilt it for stability
And probably line it too

Orange is not my color but
This tote for groceries is growing on me

I figure if the bags are a little smaller 
They wont think i am the Hulk 
And make it too heavy haha
If only my plans would work


Jeanna said...

Sounds like a good plan. It's amazing how much the baggers can pack into a small bag.

Lady Jane said...

Just gonna love this bag! I enjoy making all kinds of bags myself. Right now I have many projects on hold but hope to get back to sewing soon. hugs, lj

barbara woods said...

I would have to carry ten or 15 when we go to Walmart said...

You won't hulk it. But you will try to carry 20 bags in from the car at a time.