Friday, March 15, 2019

One bag two bags three

I now have two zip bags for sis in law
And one nieces bag done and in the gift box


And I am trying to get all
Fancy schmancy with my pics
This is sis in laws second bag

And this is one Christmas gift for nieces

I never was the one to ask to take your picture.
You may have your tongue hanging out or my thumb in it or your head chopped off
Just sayin.....
Picture taking is not my thing

Little by little I am getting there

Another top zip portion is ready for the next bag
I MESSED UP what tops went with what
Good thing they are scrappy
So I  need to DO the quilting next on that fourth bag

Then it will be ready to finish

I could also work on the other straps and tops too.
They are a bit fiddly

Assembly line sewing is good as long as you pay attention


barbara woods said...

fun to! I love mindless sewing

Rosemary Dickinson said...

The bags are coming out so great! I wish I would make things ahead to use for the holidays and birthdays. You're inspiring me! Maybe I'll give it a try!