Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Remember my full tin of 2.5 squares?

Do you remember my tin overflowing with 2.5 squares?
Not sure where they all went but
My tin is almost empty
I think most went into my blue star quilt
And some bags
Anywho......with some squares left i decided to.play with scrappy trip around the world  blocks

And by sewing web style my seams kinda
Match up nice

These are on top of blocks
There is really only a small pile of them left 

I designed my blocks
Then set them in piles to web chain them

The first row is toughest. The first stack has to always be on the bottom 
And the right stack on top when sewing

I had 5x5 rows so continued till
My squares are all sewn
See the webbing?
I dont cut them apart
Because i will use that webbing
As extra hands keeping my seams matched up

They will nest nicely when i sew the rows

And voila
Three little trip around the world blocks 
Ready to be the start of another quilt

Did I just admit I started another project
To you all?
I guess i did 
And I KNOW you will keep our little secret 

Guess i need to cut some 2.5 squares
To finish this up


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

OH My Goodness too funny. As I was sewing yesterday I was thinking I want to do a scrappy trip around the world.

barbara woods said...

My sis has done several of those, they are beautiful

Rosemary Dickinson said...

What a great way to use your squares! I love that pattern. You're doing so good!!