Saturday, March 23, 2019

Take a look at this quilt behind me

All Jenny fans I am sure you knew what I was talking about. Ha ha

Jenny has a tee 
Look how cute

And here us the quilt on the back

And its blue
And my birthday is coming up soon
And its a big one
And Dunkin ordered it for me

remember this purse start?
Well I Decided to go with a Spring green
That was in the stash

Sorry for the blurry pics

And made the bottom of the other purse so I can work them together

Played in the selvages a bit 
Hard to shut the overflowing drawer
This will be a mugrug

Layered and quilted squares for another zippy bag. Using valentine fabric in lining

And look! Jenny wants me to make this
Uh huh yes sah......
I really like the idea of the dresdan flower pot using the large tumbler as the pot
So cute
Hmmmm. Now where is my terra cotta colored solids? Lol

This is a stack of to be quilted

And a stack of fabric pulled for specific gifts that need to be done 

But lookie lookie
My blue bin is pretty tamed dont you think?
Funny it doesn't seem like i have been working in the blues
Well i guess for the first few purses i have

But ugh
My other colors are a bit wild
I will go thru and straighten them out soon

Found some cotton candy for the younguns for easter
We used to love getting that as a treat

Some pencils and supplies 
Will round out the gifts

My 1.5 bin is filling up
Oooo maybe some Spring playing with mini grannies again

Or the 4 patches that i need about a million of
Haha. Better write the directions for this one in case I die before it is finished huh

One lonely filled bobbin left.
I know what I will be doing my next free sewing time

So no big quilts yet for me.
I have federal jury duty in boston
In April.  Yeah says i am on call for Apr to May
WHAT? i dont even travel highway so trying to find transportation in

Bus is 14 dollars one way.thats 28 bucks a day.
Absolutely nuts and i am not sure how far i have to walk to courthouse from where they stop
Looks like 2 to 3 blocks
Can you say Stress?
Who can afford that
Do you know how much fabric that is???

2 comments: said...

Tame those scraps girls. Someone has to. Cute shirt. They don't reimburse for transportation? Boston! Scary. Good luck sweetie.

barbara woods said...

call them and see if they will let you not go