Sunday, March 24, 2019

The bag lady strikes again

A previous boss just had her second hip surgery
She also has ms
I decided to surprise her with two spring zippy bags
One in blues and one in reds

I will  send off in the mail with a get well note
Hopefully it will make her day brighter

I decided to do some bags assembly line style
I sewed them up for the bottom portion
Then did all the straps
And cut the tops for zipper areas 
Above us the neutral one

Blue and yellow one 

Darker neutral one

And two spring green light ones

My next sewing session will be to grab zippers and do the tops
Once done that will put 5 more in the gift box making a total of 8
Yay! Thanks Jacky for the charms

So far my March has been productive
Gift wise 
Ufo's  not so much


barbara woods said...

You are burning up that machine, smoke is coming from it

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love these cute little bags! As my dad used to say, you're cooking with gas!! said...

Cute bags. Wow you are killing it getting stuff accomplished.