Monday, April 22, 2019


These guys were back Easter sunday
They must feel safe as they are about ten to fifteen feet away from my opened door and never flinched

Once in a while a looksie
But then back to eating cherries lol

Speaking  of feeling safe, how many of you have encrypted your blog?
When you visit your blog there should be a lock in front of the www etc.
If not you are not encrypted

If on blogger 
Go to settings
On the left of your screen
Choose https
Yes to encrypt
Https. Redirect yes

Get out and check for the lock
If not locked try again.
It is important that with all the fun of sharing with computers etc we also need to be safe.
By encrypting it makes it harder for your readers to be redirected to a phony site instead of yours

Hope this helps.

Jury duty today and I am up at 1
Gonna be a looooooooooong day
Cant sleep

Please continue prayers for a one day stint
I am praying for one and done so I can get on with my life
It is expensive and work is going to pile up again

I just cant catch a break

Have a great Monday

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

My Easter cupcakes

Getting there 

They almost look right lol

Love these frosting tips

I will give out some cupcakes to my neighbors
And Jacky too
And keep one for me
Hubs can't have them
And I  am a  baker
Whats a gal to do???? Lol

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter with family and friends

Jesus Christ is risen today

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Rainy blue kinda day

I am working on my blue border blocks
I was going to try my stone soup but Dunks kept sitting on it frustrating me

These blue blocks seem appropriate
It is rainy and humid out
I called and have jury duty on Monday ugh
And just a blue kinda day

Got ten done for the border of the star quilt 
Now to get busy with my day

Have a wonderful Easter weekend my friends

Friday, April 19, 2019

Little of this and that

Went for my walk
My daffs and grape hyacinths are all up bringing some much needed color to  their the world

Woke up this morning to my light on again
I am thinking these guys are the culprit

Not much sewing going on 
Easter prep and the jury waiting game

So decided to hand quilt this

Whats happening in your sewing room,?

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Blue but happy

Still cutting blues for my borders
Then will try and find some lights too 
And cut them up
I usually dont have a lot of lights so will need to be creative
Some of my others are actually backs of fabrics

This was a jelly roll race top I found that needs to be quilted 
So many projects.......
Not enough time

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Called and no jury duty so far
Then had some visitors

Look closer

Three of them
Eating cherries on the ground

And one larger one keeping an eye on me.

So fun to see them so close.

Thanks and keep on praying
I have to call again Fri for next week

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

More little finishes

The squares I received from Sharon also had some partial pieces started
Because  i don't know what the original plan was for them, I made my own plan
These were in strips light and dark so I took the strips down to rows of 5
Added to make the others for in between 
And sewed them into a table runner 
I added the greenish blue border and the top is done. Just have to quilt and bind

Next I took those solid log cabin blocks i had
Quilted them thinking they were going to be a table topper too. But they whispered i wanna be a zippy bag
So i made this huge one for my sister in law

I finished off my sewing by finishing up the mugrug

Productive day. Gotta call tonight for jury duty. If i go in i wont be blogging that early as it will be a long day. I need to get the bus at like 530 or something crazy.and wont get home till after 7. Ughhh
Please continue to pray i get the one day
I just want it over already.your whole life for 3 weeks is on hold

Monday, April 15, 2019

Blue blue blue

I cut some blue squares 

Jacky sent a large pile of blue blocks

Packages from across the country came

Bringing blue strips 

Life is looking blue........
For Jury duty gotta call again
I was so happy when they said dont come in

What a pain in the petutie
I guess i call each day till they tell me to come in for the 3 week period

Then you serve one day or one trial
I am hoping one day for me

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Movin along........

This is an ongoing project
I have strips of all sizes at the ready
I have always loved this quilt
As birch trees are my favorite
Some solids  and then trim the blocks and it will be a top too
I think i have 5 blocks so far done

And rolls and rolls of strips

These will go into my looooooong term project
They are 1.5 squares 
Will be 4 patches and matched to 2.5 squares of background. Thinking white but maybe not

This needs to be finished

This needs to be started 

These are almost empty again
I swear i fill about 20 bobbins a week!

My 1.5 4 patches for reference 
Tiny. But fun

Gonna gather up my next focus and leader ender projects and see what the rest of April and May brings

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Just playing

I am just playing in between projects
I know i know.......
Dangerous for me as i get easily distracted 

Made these 2 tiny blocks  out of cutoffs from hst
I just think they are cute 
Maybe will be made into a purse or tote later

Then i cut up some blues

Got quite a stack
For cutting by hand 
So will make the 9 patches
For my star border

And thought i would make 9 patches
In the rsc colors 
Red. Green. Yellow. Aqua
Funny how by doing this you can see where your stash is lacking
I do not buy a lot of yellows
Not sure why
It is a sunny cheerful color

Cleaning up a bit around here while i reorganize for my next project

Friday, April 12, 2019

Remember this squirrel? Er um chick?

Remember when my friend Jacky got me onto a squirrel?
Yeah you remember......she had the adorable chicks and i wanted to make them too.... so I did.
Hers are 12 inches
Mine 6
Anyway she gave me some Easter scraps in a zip bag 

I think it was a distraction so I Wouldnt raid her fabric trash....
So since my trippin quilttop is done I grabbed the bag and bordered the chickies
At first thought mug rug then thought zip bag
So made a back too

Using up a lot of them
Bunnies peeking out here and there so cute

My iron died ....
so onto something else

What if....i made a scrappy trip block out of 1.5?
So cute.....nope not gonna go further
I might be crazy but not THAT crazy!

So in keeping with Spring colors I sewed squares for a mugrug

And selvages for other side 
Now where did i put that tin of binding pieces?

Funny story....went to hairdresser sat
Put the money for her in my pocket
Paid her with money from purse DUH

came home and 3 days later hubs is helping doing laundry.
He is sooooo  excited he found a 20 in the dryer.....i snatched it out of his
Happy little hands proclaiming ownership.
He goes prove it......
I said watch for a five too......

Sure enough he found the 5 and handed it to me lol
My day got better but i think I ruined his.......
I offered him half and he declined.
So this loser didn't weep 
And that finder didnt keep ha ha

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The trip has ended

I made the scrappy trips into a lap quilt size
I love it
Dunkin does too.

It will be just right for him and I to
Snuggle on the couch with this winter 

Some bunnies decided to visit
They want to be bunny pencils

Uh huh. Do tooo......
Lots of sewing going on
To destress........
Next week is federal jury duty 
Wish me a short one day stint

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Scraps again

I now have 25 blocks 5x5

Makes it finish 50x50
Thinking this lap top is almost a flimsy too.

Then what will i do with all my uh hmmm free time lol

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Twinkle twinkle little star

Hard to take a picture on my design floor lol
But the center is done

Dunks likes it too! I Put it on the bed to see how much bigger it needs to be
I think a border of at least 8 to 10 inches all around are needed

I am thinking of using the extra blues that i had sewn up
They are all 9 patches like the quilt
So mathmatically should work out 
With a single row of the white scraps to keep the points I think

Do you think the single row of 9 patches or the double looks better?