Monday, April 15, 2019

Blue blue blue

I cut some blue squares 

Jacky sent a large pile of blue blocks

Packages from across the country came

Bringing blue strips 

Life is looking blue........
For Jury duty gotta call again
I was so happy when they said dont come in

What a pain in the petutie
I guess i call each day till they tell me to come in for the 3 week period

Then you serve one day or one trial
I am hoping one day for me

3 comments: said...

I spy blues I sent. So when you call in if you don't have to go to jury duty do you got to work that day?

Julierose said...

Love all those blues...hoping you get told they don't need you
(but, we all do, definitely ;}}} )
hugs Julierose

barbara woods said...

hope you don't have to go at all