Friday, April 12, 2019

Remember this squirrel? Er um chick?

Remember when my friend Jacky got me onto a squirrel?
Yeah you remember......she had the adorable chicks and i wanted to make them too.... so I did.
Hers are 12 inches
Mine 6
Anyway she gave me some Easter scraps in a zip bag 

I think it was a distraction so I Wouldnt raid her fabric trash....
So since my trippin quilttop is done I grabbed the bag and bordered the chickies
At first thought mug rug then thought zip bag
So made a back too

Using up a lot of them
Bunnies peeking out here and there so cute

My iron died ....
so onto something else

What if....i made a scrappy trip block out of 1.5?
So cute.....nope not gonna go further
I might be crazy but not THAT crazy!

So in keeping with Spring colors I sewed squares for a mugrug

And selvages for other side 
Now where did i put that tin of binding pieces?

Funny story....went to hairdresser sat
Put the money for her in my pocket
Paid her with money from purse DUH

came home and 3 days later hubs is helping doing laundry.
He is sooooo  excited he found a 20 in the dryer.....i snatched it out of his
Happy little hands proclaiming ownership.
He goes prove it......
I said watch for a five too......

Sure enough he found the 5 and handed it to me lol
My day got better but i think I ruined his.......
I offered him half and he declined.
So this loser didn't weep 
And that finder didnt keep ha ha

3 comments: said...

We definitely need to keep on task.

Julierose said...

Cutest little chicklet! Have a wonderful weekend...
hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

Have a great weekend