Monday, April 1, 2019

Ufo status IP

I am going to start a new project

Dunkin helped me this weekend
And we sewed thru the day

And rested a bit......

Carefully picking a comfy spot

Yeah this is good for a rainy day 

And we finished up  ALL the UFO projects
Hanging around

We did......
You dont believe me?


I usually dont get anyone
On Apr 1st but I will never forget one of my nieces.
She went to great lengths at 8 years old to fool me.
I lived upstairs from her so she took a dollar bill and put it on a string
Placed it in the driveway where i parked for me to see
I could see her in the doorway and pretended i didnt see the dollar
She ran out Auntie you dropped  some money and then pulled the string when i went to get it.
She was so pleased she GOT me lol
Did you fool anyone today?


Julierose said...

Cute story! So far, I haven't fooled anyone today--but the day is young!!
I might tell you that i re-arranged ALL my fabrics into themes--but then, you wouldn't believe me, would you??
I do need to re-organize, but am not up to that as yet...if the energy bug comes and bites me someday, I will hahaha dream on.....
You do have a lot made there....hugs, Julierose said...

I would have known it was April Fools if you said you didn't start anything new. ROFL. I am not much into it, but my daughter one time got someone really good. Still makes me laugh. She put a black rubber band around the aerator on the sink. A friend turned the water on, no water from the faucet but the aerator doused them. They were ready to take the whole assembly apart when she quit laughing and snapped the rubber band off.

barbara woods said...

Happy April fools day Maybe my sewing wont pull a joke on me today