Friday, May 24, 2019

Stringing along

And now there are six 

Playing with them for a bit

Then I made more grippers
A successful day of sewing....

Whats under the needle in your sewing room?

Thursday, May 23, 2019

I like week 3

I like having a ton of bobbins to wind

And nieces who think Auntie is still cool enough to hang around with

I like  quilting friends who live nearby

I like inspiration from the web

I like fabric roadtrips 

I like pretty flowers planted by prior home owner

See how pretty?

I like leader ender projects that soon become obsessions

I like friends who come to visit
Even 4 legged ones named Bobbin

I like being able to see Elvis all summer long

I like new haircuts

I like fun games played with family members

I like plants gifted by blogging friends
Thanks Julierose! They are beautiful

I like old fashioned country fairs
With large pumpkins

I like two ufo projects that meld into one

I love homemade strawberry rhubsrb jam
And caramel apple jam

I love having something my Mom made
She passed away when I was 30 and I miss her every day

I like being silly with friends

I like kitties who like what Santa brought

I like acting silly
With a deer antler game for my brothers

I like cool yarn that automatically makes a pattern as you knit

I like seeing little rascal grandsons

And big rascal ones too

I really like scrappy trip quilts and think i need to make another one

I do not like rain
We had in April 22 rainy days out of 30 days in the month
And May is wet too..but hey
I have lots of other things to like 

Go visit Leanna of 
For more things to like

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

String fling

Three string blocks

Soon multiplied

Into five

And i saw more inspiration

Why do i go to the internet????
Then I want to make all of them

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Queen material

This morning I sewed up 8 grippers

Using up small pieces and that gripper fabric

I have a few more to go

But I am liking them so far

And I also did a string block

So whats with the queen?

Went to the dentist yesterday.a filling fell out so was thinking they could refill the tooth
Oh noooooooo

I am royalty and need a crown
Can you say kaching!
I hear the money Running out of my wallet
My insurance pays little so hear we go

This body better last a long time
My eyes cost a lot and now the teeth.....
I am worth a lotta money in body parts Lol

Monday, May 20, 2019

Full bobbins are good

I filled 18 bobbins
Should be enough for a little bit lol

I sewed together the lighthouse runner 
I like it
Soft seaglass colors and lighthouse prints

I put binding on my mugrug
Yay.  Another one done

Jackie has been busy too
She made 3 mugrugs
(SHOWOFF  that she is ha ha)

Arent they pretty

She also made some pincushions
Sooooo cute

Julierose,  the pink one is lavender fresh stuffed with walnut shells.

She has been busy. We will see what she gets to finish this week.
I am going to make my list so I stay on track

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Playing again

More cleaning this weekend and more fabric found. Oh my

What is it about new to you fabric?
I mean what is the allure?
EVERY TIME I receive something new to me I wanna play
Julierose at julierosequilts sent me this piece of fabric with beach and lighthouse scenes
And her post about seaglass got me wishing I was hearing waves crash lulling me to sleep on a hot summers day

So as I was putting the newly found fabric away, I was also auditioning fabric for a project
Yeah I know
The seaglass colored prints called to me
But first, bobbins must be wound so I can play

I cut out pieces for more jar grippers
I figure may as well get that yardage outta here too

And i found more inspiration
Oh my
So many books I covet and dont use
That must change

And strips were chosen for two more string blocks

My blocks are 12 inches so the center strips have to have some length
Hopefully after some heavy duty bobbin winding I have some projects to show you. 

Does Spring have you cleaning up things?

Saturday, May 18, 2019

More great finds

Julie .....I have cute bunny tins too lol
This one is empty at the moment

My new project will go in there

Found these in another tin
My mom or Grandmother, aunt jo or aunt mary would have made these.
I always wanted to make a quilt with them

See how pretty

So fun

And a tin of mini 4 patches

Forgot about these....
Used 2.5 squares in a color  block 9patch
If I make a few more i will have a cute lap quilt or childs quilt


And my selvages runneth over.
I thinks me needs to make something with them soon 

I love a quilt I saw using only the circles
So it had small blocks made of them
Then i thought the border would be cute
Of all writing

Like I need another project right?

My mothers day gift from Dunkin. 
He knows mama loves chocolate
Daddy helped him wrap it

I guess I really should clean my room more often huh. Lol