Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Love requests

Hubs has been taking more control of his life and diabetes. 
He is going to classes at the council on aging for help.
They have a small group that meets on wed
I am proud of him as he is not one to join groups 

Last night he says to me
Honey can you make me a zip pouch for my wed class? I go sure how big do you want it?
So this was the result.
I had some pants that have seen better days
So i saved the buttons and zipper
And cut part of the legs 
Quilted them a little for body
Lined it and sewed it up

He was pleased.
Now he can impress his teacher by carrying his candy in there
Lol  she said the same thing i said to him

You cant leave the candy in the car
What if your sugar goes low
And you are not near the car
It has to be ON YOU
I guess when she says it, he hears it lol

He is also taking in a bread wrapper to share his find with the group
Too cute

Love that man!


Julierose said...

Oh that is good news...His teacher must have been so impressed....good for him!! ;)))
Nice zip pouch there...hugs,Julierose said...

Awe great post. I am so thankful he is doing so much better. Love the pouch and so proud of him too.

barbara woods said...

nice when Hubby brags on us isn't it?

Gill - That British Woman said...

nothing better than being able to whip up something fast with things you have on hand.