Friday, May 3, 2019

Oooo fun playing in the panels

Remember this panel?

I paired it with this contrasting fabric

And sewed the same size squares
All around the four edges
Right sides together

Then i cut it corner to corner both sides
To make 4 hst blocks to make a pinwheel


Here it is

Sewed together to make the pinwheel 
Dont look at my center lol
I fixed it a bit

Then I cut into 3 even sections vertically 
And horizontally
My measurement was 7 inches
So I then had nine 7 inch blocks

When I rearranged the blocks
I got a pinwheel in a churndash

And if I flip them around 
A light churndash forms

I love the green churndash
So that will be a huge center block

Then i can make scrappy pinwheels
And churndash blocks
For medallion rows

I think this one is a success!
A little playing in the stash can be fun

Do you like my idea?
I got it from Jenny
I saw her disappearing pinwheel block
Tutorial this morning and I had to try it

What are you making with YOUR panels???


Julierose said...

what a great way to use that panel piece--I love it...nice work hugs, Julierose said...

That turned out cute. Never thought of doing it with a panel.

barbara woods said...

love that new block, it's a winner