Saturday, May 4, 2019

Singing the blues

Little by little I have been sewing up blue 2.5 squares into 9 patches
I was on a roll doing 10 or so at a sitting so decided to see where i stand

I laid them all out
You know for King Dunkin to step on
Ha ha
And I am very close
I think i need to make a 9 patch border first of lights to float the star 
And to make this fit my bed

I am so excited by this one.
Just the lowly 2.5 inch square and look how pretty it can become
I like the sparkly effect of the individual colors
What are you up to?
Its a rainy yucky weekend here
And a forecast of 10 days of rain

Anyone have any ark building skills?
I may need a tutorial


Julierose said...

Gorgeous star, Dawn--I just love it..and so close to a finish...
We will need ark-building skills if this keeps up...sunglass companies will be going out of business...;000 hugs, Julierose

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Awesome quilt in progress~ Yes, we are starting to quack like ducks....

barbara woods said...

love your quilt top and you, hugs said...

Looks gorgeous. Yep we had rain, but now we just have mud. I have been sewing my little heart out.